I guess you may be wondering what exactly is JustAnotherFootballBlog, how it came about and why exactly it’s crowding your precious web space? Well, in case you are intrigued (or just fancy wasting two minutes of your time), the answer is fairly straight forward – allow me to explain.

A little while ago I started football website with a friend of mine and – without wanting to go into too much depth on the in the outs of everything – it was moderately successful. So much so that we earned a bit (emphasis on the word ‘bit’) of money from it. The trouble was, after a couple of years of running the site, it soon felt like a chore rather than something I was genuinely proud of or enjoyed doing. The direction of the website never took shape like how either of us wanted it to and, to be honest, the money was shit.

So, to cut a long(ish) story short, I got another job. However, in the months that followed I soon found myself craving to get back into football writing – I just had nowhere to write about it anymore.

So that’s where JustAnotherFootballBlog (or JAFB if you like) comes in. Without wanting to sound like a Theo Walcott sound bite, I’m not here for the money. This football blog is merely an avenue for me to post my thoughts, ramblings and opinions whenever I feel necessary – or can be bothered to – without the pressure of incessant updating.

I hope you enjoy reading and tell and all your friends about this bloody brilliant football blog you’ve found.


Matthew Wood

Twitter: @MattWood23